Five New Holland customers are the protagonists of Supremazia Gialla, the web series that tells, through an epic treatment, the absolute rulers of the harvest. Inspired by the cinematic universe, the campaign is characterized by a highly identifying and fun style, capable of directly and immediately conveying the superiority of New Holland harvesting machines.

New Holland
Brand, Creativity, Photo, Strategy, Video
November 2020


Following the narrative structure of the docu-reality, each episode tells the story of a farmer who, thanks to the contribution of New Holland agricultural machinery, can now boast the title of sovereign of the harvest.


Before each episode, a short trailer was planned which, by presenting the episode’s protagonist in a fun way, could stimulate the interest of the community and, at the same time, create a strong seriality between the different contents.


In order to further enhance the style of the campaign, some print advertisements were made which, drawing on the reference universe, presented the protagonists of the episodes as real stars, portraying them within a series of movie posters.