Planisfera is the first zero-mile water; it has been created by people but was inspired by nature. Technology, the environment, and innovation are the cornerstones of the project, which are effectively summarised by its payoff line “The Human Water”.

Thanks to its advanced purification system, which was inspired by a natural process, Planisfera is produced and packaged inside platforms located near to urban areas. Radically different to its competitors, Planisfera provides a one-of-a-kind service: water for offices and other workplaces that uses a localised production model and a carbon-neutral distribution system.

Brand, Graphic Design, Strategy, Video, Web design
September 2017


Humans and water are connected by an indissoluble primordial bond: water is the basis of life and plays a fundamental role in the survival of the planet. Today, however, humans are putting the natural purity of water at risk due to increasing levels of pollution worldwide.

But we human beings have a great opportunity up ahead: we can turn this tendency around and, thanks to a technology developed by us, enable water to regain its original purity. This is why Planisfera can be defined, to all intents and purposes, as “The Human Water”.


Planisfera is a lot more than just plain water; it is an innovative production and distribution model designed by observing nature. The aim of the logo that we designed was to therefore represent the most distinctive element of the project in a simple way: water’s potentially infinite regeneration process, which has been achieved by replicating what happens in nature.


To support the crowdfunding campaign, we developed a website that allows users to find out more about the Planisfera project in an in-depth way.


The positioning of Planisfera has been presented through a corporate video that shows in detail the role played by nature as a constant source of inspiration for humans. Because all of the great inventions throughout our history began by us observing and imitating nature.