Schär, the world-leading producer of gluten-free food, has launched “I Freschi”, a new range of products that were created in collaboration with the internationally renowned chef Annamaria Barbieri.

The four videos, one for each product, were planned across the various social media platforms, allowing users to step into the kitchens of the Antica Moka restaurant, a venue founded and run by Annamaria. Amongst the stoves, chopping boards, and secret recipes, we showed with simplicity and wit how Schär became associated with excellent Italian food.

Social, Video
May 2017


For the launch of this new range, we created a series of online videos that show the chef in action as she prepares traditional dishes from the Emilia Romagna region. And of course, they are all gluten free. Going from her tortellini to her ravioli, cappelletti, and tagliatelle, Annamaria takes us on a journey brimming with flavours, quality, and good health.